Signs – Difference between short and large wire stands


We all know the difference between these two is the height, however the real questions is which one will get you more business in your pocket. Here are the pros and cons of each one. We hope this helps:


Short stands can become very economical to purchase and since your yard signs may be put out on the streets temporarily or for a certain amount of time, it is wise to buy these as supposed to the large stands. On the other hand, since large stands are larger (about 30” high VS short 15” high) it means your signs will be more visible to your prospect clients, however the large stands are more exposed to the wind and these means they can bend backward more easily, as supposed to the short stands in which are more stable since they are lower and closer to the ground. If you are in an area or state where it is snowing, then you will need the large stands, as the short stands are not high enough, may be covered by the snow and eventually making the sign fall off.


Still, whichever stands you choose, they will both do the work. They both will get your signs up and visible; and will drive calls to your phone which is your main concern and immediate need. Foremost, you are advertising your company, if people don’t know your company exists, they will not contact you for products or services.  The most important is to let people know who you are, what you do and what you can do for them. Yard signs is the most economic way you can get this accomplished. Usually people buy more from yard signs advertisements because it gives them the impression of the service being cheaper than buying a service elsewhere.


In conclusion, choosing the wire stands needed for your signs, it is as easy as picking your signs ink color; if you don’t have much budget  to spend than go with the economic stakes and as business starts growing you can upgrade to the larger stands or do half and half. Some people find that the short stands to give more results than the large stands because the signs stay up longer. Again, that is because they are less exposed to the wind. We hope this serves of great help for  you and your business. Wishing  you the best.


Good Luck!



Tax Signs by

Tax season is almost approaching; right now tax companies are already advertising their tax services in their town, getting the word out to the people is essential for a tax business. There are a  few good reasons why  getting  ready  for  tax season is important and  for  tax business companies this is imperative.


Yard signs is great way to advertise your  tax company or business,  usually advertising  with tax signs include writings such as, tax return services or tax refund on the signs, this  is a very common way to get attention from people and it works.


If you own a tax company, know that starting to gather up  your  advertisement and tax signs for  the season  is really important for your business. January is just around the corner!  can offer you great packages for your tax signs and help you get ready your big day ahead of you.


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Holidays Signs by

Advertising your store and business during the holidays is important. If you do electrical wiring for Christmas lights, then some Christmas lights installation yard signs is a good way to advertise what you do for this time of year. Also, hair and nail salons are very busy during the holidays; so why not put out some holidays  yard signs to advertise this kind of services.

For your business to be seen out there, advertisement is a key component. Yard Signs makes it easier for your to promote without  spending  too much money. It is a simple and cheap way to make your business shine during this holidays.  offers several combos packages that are convenient for you with free shipping and at a low cost. Look no further, and call 407-362-7896 or order online.


Signs, an affordable marketing tool used by many, to advertise the business. They help the business to increase the awareness of its products and services. They are also used to organize an event to entice present and potential customers. Due to its repeated exposure, it helps to boost the name recognition and bring revenue. However, not all the signs can be used for business purpose. They can also be used for personal use.

To announce a birthday party

Who don’t want to be recognized on his or her birthday? No matter whether it is an excitable young kid or an elder, birthdays have always been a memorable way to highlight the special day. Printing yard sign is an extremely useful tool for directing guests to a birthday party. Generally, many guests are unfamiliar with the exact party location, so it’s important to have such signs which let them to know the exact place.

Marriage Anniversary

Wedding anniversary is without a doubt one of the most important celebrations in the life. Giving a gift to a partner, regardless of the occasion is a sign of love. But giving especially on a wedding anniversary shows your everlasting affection and loyalty. Flowers or jewelry have always been a great gift, but what could be the best way than showing your love to the entire world. One can order a special anniversary yard sign to show others, about how much you care for your partner or represent the number of years you’ve been together.

Clubs and organizations

Since, majority of the clubs and organizations have limited budget to do marketing, it’s important to find an affordable ways of marketing. Yard signs have always been very helpful to promote the efforts and to raise fund for the group. Apart from that, if the organization wants some member or planning an upcoming meeting, they can display such signs and let people know about their event.

To declare Community Events

Yard signs are undeniably the most useful tool for publicity. With them one can promote a variety of community events, be it a church service or a community theater performance. Even if the events are organized on an annual base, one can store and use them for the next year.

Welcome Home

Whether it is a student in college or spouse on a business trip, each family welcome somebody home at some point. Yard signs are one of the best ways to greet your loved one at the airport, by displaying a picture or a special message. This shows your care and make the traveler also happy knowing that they were missed.

Home Security


Since, homes have always been the target for burglars and rough teenagers, such signs can alert potential burglars to stay away from the home. They help to advertise your home security alarm system or the safety precautions you have taken in your place.


Yard signs in a combo packages is a great way to order your signs, this is because the combo packages usually include the wire stands and shipping at a great discount. Next time you order yard signs look for the combo packages page or call and ask the customer service rep. about the combo packages offered. This is a great deal when it comes to ordering your yard signs as you do not have to worry about the cost of shipping. Many of the yard signs manufactures are offering this combo packages for an easy “purchase to go” option and to make it easier for their customers whom usually, are too busy to waste time calculating costs and are looking for a quick to go order. offers a great variety of combo packages to ensure they fit everyone’s needs. Look no further when ordering your yard signs, it is a quick and easy way and in just a few steps your order is finished and ready to go.

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For better business presence- Yard signs work wonders

Every company in the industry wants to reach their target audience, fast and in a very cost effective way. They would use the best resources around, sophisticated and high end to make this happen. To achieve their aims, companies spend thousands over advertising and promo campaigns. They use social networking sites, radio ads, television jingles and the print media too. They innovate and create ads which help them achieve goals and visions. Some of them even use yard signs to promote their products and services. Apart from the television and radio, tabloids, magazines and banners, or even window decals and billboard, yard signs are a rage these days to aid with advertising and promotion.

Plenty of significance associated with such advertising means

The onlookers would be curious and that is exactly what you want for your brand. This fullfils the purpose of advertising, in ways creative than ever. Such a tool, for promotion of a company’s products and services, serves well these days.

For businesses, large and small, these are tools which provide plenty of benefits. Have you taken a walk around your area? You would find such signs at cinemas, restaurants or maybe sitting pretty in your neighbor’s backyard too. The best part is that these signs wouldn’t need stings, holes or nails for support. They just need to be placed in the yard, and would do their job silently. This is thus a very smart choice for most advertising companies and a cost-effective solution too.

Outdoor advertising at its best


Simple and yet very effective, such marketing tools are best for advertising and promotional needs. They convey many important messages to the onlookers around. They stand different in crowds and are very pleasing to the eyes as well. This is why yard signs have become very dear to marketers and advertisers across the nation. With the help of this tool, one can now win over customers, faster and without additional costs.

Tips on following regulations when putting up Political Yard Signs

There is a reason why political parties should adhere to regulations when placing Political Yard Signs around. To begin with, it can cause resentment among voters, who choose not to partner with them. And in addition to that, state laws and transportation departments would discourage unwanted solicitation in private properties too. Irrespective of how well made those political signs are, they can be removed if violations exist.

You would lose the signs and this could become an issue for the political party too. Your rivals would attack you on that, claiming your party to be a non law conforming one. In addition to that, you would lose trust from the voters who really want to support you. Imagine voting for a party that cannot abide by simple yard sign postage, what then would they serve the community with?

1.      Check with the laws

In most states, campaigners are strictly warned against setting up of political signs at yard, private and personal. Some laws also state that the signs should be placed at locations which wouldn’t distract onlookers or drivers. The signs should not block the view of traffic oncoming too. Hence paying special attention to where the signs should be placed is a must.

2.      What you should and shouldn’t do

Don’t imitate or emulate other signs around, especially traffic signs meant for the public. Prior to elections, check with the municipal authorities if it is okay to place signs around. After the elections, all parties are asked to remove the signs in a month’s time from the last day of campaigning.

3.      Where you should not place those signs

Don’t place them on highways, interstates and freeways. Some states wouldn’t allow such signs on various streets too, and that’s why they are called yard signs. Sidewalks and greenways can be used, only when prior permission is given for the same. With that in mind, no nails, strings or damaging supports are allowed to haul Political Yard Signs.


Please abide by these rules and check online to learn more!